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Hallam Foe: Original Soundtrack
  • Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow

    Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow

    Breeze blows, from treetops to tears
    Sensation, wandering your imagination,
    Wondering where she could be.
    It feels so cold as you go,
    When you leave, you’re a dandelion blown on the breeze
    Wondering where you could be.

    The wisp at the window,
    She whispers it into the air of life.
    So fly, a dandelion flower.
    Yes it’s time, time for you to fly.

    You watched for hours
    From slates and clock-towers
    The lives you loathe.
    But your life is others,
    And lovers and mothers.

    Breeze blows from rooftops to your destination.
    Trapped in your imagination,
    She’s all you can see.
    Black love water you miss her,
    Oh God how you miss her so.
    Highland flown, a dandelion blown
    Yes it’s time,
    Dandelion flower.